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            About Us

            Jinan Shijitongda Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a large private chemical enterprise in Jinan combines science, industry and trade. The sales headquarter is located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, where enjoys superior geographic location, convenient transportation and logistics and can provide a variety of high quality chemical products with reasonable price at a high rate of speed.
            The company is specialized in the R & D, production and marketing of fine chemical products and has gathered a number of competitive chemicals by self-built production base, equity participation and holding and various forms. The products related all kinds of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigment and dye intermediates, chemical reagents, food additives, etc. Our products, Trichloroethylene, isopropanol, cyclohexanol, benzyl alcohol, cyclohexylamine, n-hexane, methyl isobutyl ketone, epichlorohydrin, adipic acid, diethylene triamine, styrene, isobutanol, C Acid, acrylic acid, ethanol, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, vinyl acetate are not only selling well in over 30 provinces and cities in our country, but also exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, the Middle East, Germany, India and more than 20 countries.
            The company adheres to the service principle of "quality first, reputation highest", constantly improve product inspection measures, established industrial first grade quality supervision and inspection agency equipped with advanced quality inspection instruments. Our product quality is improving steadily. At the same time, the company actively cooperate with foreign enterprises, become the agent of domestic well-known chemical companies and multinational corporations, and provide high quality manufacturers with high quality products. Stable product quality, scientific and efficient management and high quality service make Shijitongda Chemical win the trust and support of customers. Now, our company has become a modern chemical enterprise which integrates production, marketing, warehousing, transportation, distribution and services, and maintains good business relationship with the leading enterprises in different industries.
            With the corporate mission of "quality is the life, brand is the image, integrity is the reputation", the quality policy of "exploration and innovation, scientific management, high product quality, customer satisfaction", the value of "excellent science and technology, create a harmonious environment" and the idea of "high quality service, sincerity, create value for customers", the company continuously improve corporate core competitiveness and strengthen the building of corporate culture. We are willing to make cooperation based on the understanding and trust for mutual development and! Welcome friends to visit us to guide and negotiate. We will provide you the best services and listen to your needs and suggestions. We are looking forward to hear you!

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